Who We Are

We are a team of high school and college students dedicated to bringing public high school students the resources necessary to succeed in college. Our purpose is to help with the transition to college and to provide exposure to higher education.

As students ourselves, we understand the stress, pressure, and uneasiness surrounding the transition into college. Our goal is to alleviate some of that stress by showing students that higher education is an attainable possibility.

Why We Exist

Mission Statement

To advocate for the equity and accessibility of college education to public high school students in Detroit.

Services We Provide

One-on-one College Advising

Free one-on-one college advising sessions are offered with our founder, Kemi Dauda.

Summer Workshops

Our summer workshops include informational presentations, college application, essay writing and resumé help, and Q&A sessions with current college students.

Monthly Webinars

Our webinars cover topics ranging from financial aid and filling out college applications to resumé building and essay writing.

Scholarship Advice

Scholarship advice is provided through our social media pages, with weekly scholarship highlights. BHBH displays a multitude of resources regarding particular universities, scholarships, competitions, and financial aid.