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We Are the Bringing Hope Back Home Team!

Sridula Kallakuri

Community Outreach Director

Hi everyone! I’m Sridula Kallakuri, the Community Outreach Director of Bringing Hope Back Home! A freshman at the University of Michigan hoping to major in Biomedical Engineering, you can often catch me outside of school running, reading, or tending to my garden. I’m extremely passionate about harnessing education as a tool for transforming communities and improving self-confidence. In my role here at BHBH, I hope to connect students with valuable community organizations that can empower them with increased educational, professional, and personal growth opportunities through BHBH. BHBH’s mission resounded with me the first time I heard about it, and I’ll do all that I can in my role to fulfill it!

Christian Loredo-Duran

High School Ambassador Lead

Hello! My name is Christian Loredo-Duran and I am currently a freshman at the University of Michigan. I love playing the saxophone and have found a huge interest in political science and public policy. I joined BHBH and became a High School Ambassador because equity within education is a topic that has truly opened my eyes in my senior year. Being the oldest in my family and coming from a majority Hispanic community,  I have come to realize the many limitations and barriers that underprivileged communities and groups of people face in our country. For these reasons, equity in education is a topic that has motivated me to keep pushing and encourage others in the same shoes that reaching a higher education is attainable no matter your background. Our lack of resources shouldn’t define us as students, a message that this organization seeks to spread. By becoming part of BHBH, I hope to give my little grain of sand and help make students aware that there is a world full of opportunities waiting for them.

Arianna Gillenwaters

High School Ambassador

Hello! My name is Arianna Gillenwaters, I will be attending Wayne Memorial high school as a sophomore for the year of 2021-2022. I am one of the high school ambassadors of bringing hope back home. I enjoy things such as reading, dance, and equality within human rights. I joined bringing hope back home because I know the struggle of not receiving the same opportunities as wealthier children with society acceptable backgrounds. Bringing Hope Back Home is a way for me to unite with people within the same circumstances , as well as assist with helping us grow as a community and take steps towards education starving teens/young adults in being able to grasp hold of education at colleges of their choice.

Rachel Kabala

High School Ambassador

Hello! My name is Rachel Kabala, and I’m originally from Lansing, Michigan but I’m currently living in Detroit Michigan. I am one of the High School Ambassadors for Bringing Hope Back Home. I am a senior at Dr.Benjamin Carson High School Of Science and Medicine.  My interests include going camping, decorating my bedroom, and shopping for new clothes. I joined the BHBH because I believe that everyone deserves a  chance and an opportunity to go to college, despite the type of GPA they have or even if they are first-generation. I believe that high school students also have the right to be informed about the opportunities that are out there that they could be part of and different types of scholarship opportunities out there. Together with BHBH, we will make sure that students are aware of the opportunities that are out there, and how they can embrace them!

Mosammad Jahan

High School Ambassador

Hello! My name is Mosammad Jahan and I am a senior at Benjamin Carson High School of Science and Medicine.  I am one of the High School Ambassadors for Bringing Hope Back Home. I enjoy reading, listening to true crime podcasts, and watching anime. I joined BHBH because I’m very passionate about educational equity since I grew up in Detroit, where the majority of students are unprivileged. I have been aware of the numerous limits and barriers that our country’s minority neighborhoods and groups confront. As an FGLI student, I understand how difficult it is to attain higher education. So I’m eager to use BHBH to encourage Detroit youth to apply to college and convey the opportunities accessible at top universities.

Ava Williams

High School Ambassador

Hello everyone! I’m Ava Williams and I’m currently a sophomore at Wayne Memorial High School in Wayne, MI. My role in BHBH is a High School Ambassador. I enjoy reading, writing, and doing different sorts of crafts. I joined BHBH because I believe that everyone deserves to have equal opportunities with higher education, no matter their situation. Many students aren’t able to pursue their goals because they have no support and no idea on where to even start which is what I would like to change. My hope is that me being in BHBH and spreading the word about it around will give more students the help and opportunities they deserve and allow them to showcase their full potential in whatever they choose to do.

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