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We Are the Bringing Hope Back Home Team!

Sridula Kallakuri

Community Outreach Director

Hi everyone! I’m Sridula Kallakuri, the Community Outreach Director of Bringing Hope Back Home! A freshman at the University of Michigan hoping to major in Biomedical Engineering, you can often catch me outside of school running, reading, or tending to my garden. I’m extremely passionate about harnessing education as a tool for transforming communities and improving self-confidence. In my role here at BHBH, I hope to connect students with valuable community organizations that can empower them with increased educational, professional, and personal growth opportunities through BHBH. BHBH’s mission resounded with me the first time I heard about it, and I’ll do all that I can in my role to fulfill it!

Carly Wheeler

Digital Content Producer

Hi everyone! My name is Carly Wheeler and I am one of the Digital Content Producers for Bringing Hope Back Home. I am from Sioux Falls, SD, and am currently a senior at Sioux Falls Lincoln High School. Along with my passion for educational equality that led me to Bringing Hope Back Home, I am interested in the medical sciences, journalism, and art — especially digital art, check out the Bringing Hope Back Home Instagram and Facebook to see some of my work! As a student that comes from a low-income, single-parent household, I know how daunting the idea of higher education can be. Through BHBH, I strive to show students in positions similar to mine that with hard work and confidence, they CAN thrive in higher education, no matter their background. I can’t wait to get the opportunity to empower students from Detroit and beyond.

Shamara Watkins

Digital Content Producer

Hello! My name is Shamara Watkins and I am one of the Digital Content Producers for Bringing Hope Back Home. I am a senior at Michigan State University studying Media and Information. I decided to join the BHBH team because as a former Detroit Public Schools student myself, I wasn’t given the same quality education as others around me in college. I often felt inferior and unknowledgeable due to my lack of preparation in high school. Bringing Hope Back Home was specifically created for students who feel the same way I did. It’s a great pleasure to be a part of helping students become more equipped and capable at handling the transition from high school to college.

Cecile Schreidah

Social Media Coordinator

Hi! My name is Cecile Schreidah and I am from Toledo, Ohio. I am the Social Media coordinator for Bringing Hope Back Home and I am excited to spread the word about our organization! I am very passionate about educational equity, mainly because I grew up as an FGLI student and understand how difficult it is to feel equipped while applying for higher education. Through BHBH, I am excited to encourage Detroit students to apply to college and explain the opportunities available to them at top institutions. So many students have incredible potential, and I hope to build everyone’s confidence and help them realize that they are special and can go very far in life.

Khushi Patel

Communications Director

Hello! My name is Khushi Patel and I am from Wayne, Michigan. I am a Communications Director for Bringing Hope Back Home. My interests include writing short stories, reading political news articles, Philosophy, and travelling. I joined BHBH because I am passionate about educational equity and wanting to create access to low-income and first-generation students. I understand the struggles that many FGLI students go through, as I am in the same situation and hope to eliminate these issues. BHBH has a great mission with an exceptional team that hopes to make higher-education more equitable to its partner schools. BHBH we will create opportunities and help students in the Detroit area reach their full potential to conquer their dreams, and I am grateful to be a part of this initiative.

Nina Simon

Communications Director

Hi! My name is Nina Simon, and I am from Grosse Pointe, Michigan. I’m a Communications Director for BHBH. I love historical novels and European art, and I am interested in immigration justice as well as music. I became involved with BHBH because through my mom, a DPS teacher, I have become eager to help create equitable opportunities for all students, no matter their situation. Most importantly, my Mexican-American family has given me the foundation and work ethic to move for change in our community. BHBH is a vessel through which our team can make a lasting and real difference for our peers and help them with educational resources.

Mahbuba Sumiya

High School Ambassador

Mahbuba Sumiya is a senior at Benjamin Carson High School and high school ambassador for BHBH. She is working closely with another ambassador from her school to make sure students in her school get what they need in order to succeed in the college application season. She decided to join BHBH because she saw this as a chance to improve her school environment, making opportunities available to other students. She can’t wait to help close the gap between students and higher education.

Rachel Kabala

High School Ambassador

Hello! My name is Rachel Kabala, and I’m originally from Lansing, Michigan but I’m currently living in Detroit Michigan. I am one of the High School Ambassadors for Bringing Hope Back Home. I am a current Junior at Dr.Benjamin Carson High School Of Science and Medicine.  My interests include going camping, decorating my bedroom, and shopping for new clothes. I joined the BHBH because I believe that everyone deserves a  chance and an opportunity to go to college, despite the type of GPA they have or even if they are first-generation. I believe that high school students also have the right to be informed about the opportunities that are out there that they could be part of and different types of scholarship opportunities out there. Together with BHBH, we will make sure that students are aware of the opportunities that are out there, and how they can embrace them!

Mosammad Jahan

High School Ambassador

Hi! My name is Mosammad Jahan and I am one of the High School Ambassadors for Bringing Hope Back Home. I enjoy reading, listening to true crime podcasts, and watching anime. I am highly passionate about equal educational opportunity and as someone who has little to no guidance for college readiness or any type of academic success, I’m extremely vulnerable to those who are in my position.  I want to make college more attainable to students from diverse backgrounds. Joining BHBH gave me the perfect opportunity to cooperate with other amazing members to make that possible.

Christian Loredo-Duran

High School Ambassador

Hello! My name is Christian Loredo-Duran and I am currently a senior at Lee High School in Wyoming, MI. I love playing the saxophone and have found a huge interest in political science and public policy. I joined BHBH and became a High School Ambassador because equity within education is a topic that has truly opened my eyes in my senior year. Being the oldest in my family and coming from a majority Hispanic community,  I have come to realize the many limitations and barriers that underprivileged communities and groups of people face in our country. For these reasons, equity in education is a topic that has motivated me to keep pushing and encourage others in the same shoes that reaching a higher education is attainable no matter your background. Our lack of resources shouldn’t define us as students, a message that this organization seeks to spread. By becoming part of BHBH, I hope to give my little grain of sand and help make students aware that there is a world full of opportunities waiting for them.

Ava Williams

High School Ambassador

Hello everyone! I’m Ava Williams and I’m currently a freshman at Wayne Memorial High School in Wayne, MI. My role in BHBH is a highschool ambassador. I enjoy reading,painting, and researching different topics that I find intriguing. I joined BHBH because I believe that everyone deserves to have equal opportunities with higher education, no matter their situation. Many students aren’t able to pursue their goals because they have no support and no idea on where to even start which is what I would like to change. My hope is that me being in BHBH and spreading the word about it around will give more students the help and opportunities they deserve and allow them to showcase their full potential in whatever they choose to do.

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