“I first heard about the Bringing Hope Back Home workshops from my friend at Benjamin Carson High School. I wasn’t expecting to learn much from these workshops, however I left with a lot more than I came with. Kemi talked about the ins and outs of the college application process, which really helped me. She took away almost all my fears. I’m a rising senior at Benjamin Carson High School, so the college application process isn’t too far away from me. She talked about scholarships and everything from A to Z. Things you wouldn’t even expect her to cover she did. And not only that, she made an educational experience into something really really fun.” – Alisha Haydar, Dr. Benjamin Carson High School

“Bringing Hope Back Home keys for success workshop was honestly such a great experience for me. Not only did I meet people that I talk to today who have similar college drive as I do, but I also met people that helped me along the college process, people that can edit my essays, help me with financial questions, and just people who have went to college already. These people can help me along the college journey which I’m so thankful for and I’m so glad that Kemi introduced me to them and that she started her nonprofit. ” – Damilola Olabanji, Warren Woods Tower High School

“I am so glad that I was able to participate in a workshop last summer where I was able to meet a lot of like-minded people who wanted to get help on their college process and get a lot of great college tips and through this program I was able to meet Kemi and have her as a resource for any questions or advice about the college process and the college application.” – Jada Lee, West Bloomfield High School

“So the Bringing Hope Back Home program really helped me in finding out where to start when it came to college research. I was so lucky to meet all these wonderful people who were dedicated in helping me figure out FAFSA, helping me to build a high school portfolio, telling me what to add and what not to add in college essays and the environment there was just so welcoming and warm and I was so glad that I did the program last summer ‘cause it opened so many doors to opportunities that I didn’t know that was out there and I will be forever grateful for that.” – Sydney Toles, North Farmington High School

“I truly enjoyed being part of BHBH last year. The workshops were amazing and helpful, and I can’t thank Kemi enough for bringing hope back to BCHS. Kemi knew precisely what important topics to cover in the four-day workshops. I found resume building super helpful. In my experiences with other groups, I have seen very few organizers keep in touch with participants like Kemi has. Both Kemi and BHBH are awesome! I would highly recommend this organization to any high school student, whether they are struggling with college apps, wishing they had someone to look over their essays, or just simply learn about college experiences from college students. I loved it and I don’t think anyone wouldn’t! – Mahbuba Sumiya, Dr. Benjamin Carson High School

  “As a former DPS student, I genuinely did not feel at ease with the idea of going to college. I was not offered the same resources and did not receive the same high-level education students from other counties and states received. And I didn’t know how I could afford to go to my dream schools, like the University of Michigan. Fortunately, a light shined through this darkness. What better way is there to prepare for college than to talk and receive advice from someone who has experienced college life and college academics first-hand? Kemi’s non-profit, “Bringing Hope Back Home” performed miracles for me: I became acquainted with numerous scholarship opportunities I didn’t know I was eligible for, I received suggestions for my personal statement, and more importantly, advice on how to handle a life-changing event, like going to college. I can happily say I am a full-ride student at the University of Michigan, and BHBH played a definitive role in helping me achieve this accomplishment!” – Hafiz Rahman, University of Michigan

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