Early Autumn Newsletter


Early Autumn Newsletter

To advocate for equity and accessibility of college education to public high school  students in Detroit. 


Tuesday October 13 – Essay Writing Tips Webinar 

November 1 through 15 – Early Action/Decision Deadlines


Hi! My name is Oluwakemi “Kemi” Dauda and I am the founder and executive director of Bringing Hope Back Home. I am currently a senior at the University of Michigan and an alum of the Detroit Public Schools Community District. I began BHBH the summer of my freshman year of college because I wanted to provide the support that my peers and I were not fully given in high school. I noticed that many students were not aware of amazing pre college programs and scholarships offered to high school students across Michigan and the country. When college application season came around, many chose to not apply to college due to fear and lack of exposure. There was a huge pressure for all of us to have a plan for our lives after high school graduation, however many had never even stepped foot on a college campus. Applying to college is not an easy feat, especially with little to no support and exposure. BHBH aims to shine a light on the great potential of Detroit students and show them that they can succeed in higher education. We provide workshops, webinars, college planning sessions, and mentorship opportunities throughout the school year and summer. We are student focused which is why with every program with plan, we have the students’ best interest in mind. It has never been about numbers and it never will. If I can help just one student feel more comfortable and confident about the college process, then that is a win in my book.

 -Kemi Dauda, Founder


Bringing Hope Back Home will be hosting monthly webinars for high school students to attend.  We hope that these webinars will provide you with critical information about the college application process, finding an internship, the pre-college journey, and so much more! Feel free to share  these dates and times with your friends. To join these webinars, fill out our registration forms on our Instagram @bringinghopebackhome  

Changes due to COVID-19 and Financial Aid: September 23rd 5-6:30 PM EST  Essay Tips (Scholarships & College) + Resume Building: October 13th 5-7 PM EST College student Q&A: November 11th 5-6:30 PM EST 

 Interviews & Video essays; Deferred, Waitlisted, What’s next?: December 16th 5-6:30 PM EST HEAD TO OUR WEBSITE BRINGINGHOPEBACKHOME.ORG FOR FULL EVENT DESCRIPTIONS 

“I loved that the webinar really made sure to keep us as participants engaged!” Christian Loredo, BHBH Webinar Attendee

“Kemi was really friendly!” – Anonymous

“It was really interactive!” – Anonymous

“I really enjoyed how everyone was so welcoming and energetic.” – Anonymous

“It informed me of things I never knew about before.” – Anonymous


Find us on Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn  @Bringinghopebackhome for the latest on our events  and tips! 

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