February 2021 Newsletter

WWCSD X BHBH Introduction 

Bringing Hope Back Home has some exciting news that we wanted to share with you all. We have officially collaborated with the Wayne-Westland Community School district. We are so excited to branch out our organization to another school district and impact even more students. Thank you to Superintendent Mr. Dignan, for joining our team members for the presentation. 

Student Spotlight 

BHBH Interview

1) Tell us about yourself, who are you and what your interests are! 

My name is Damilola (dah-me-luh-lah) Olabanji. I am the captain of the mock trial team at my school. I love the team with all my heart so it’s bittersweet it’s my last year on the team since I was on the team all four years. I love watching shows or movies. My current favorite shows are “The Promised Neverland” and “The Good Place” (both available to watch on Netflix, I 100/10 recommend ). I really enjoy expressing myself through clothes and enjoy thrifting or just using what I have at home to create new pieces and outfits. I have a deep appreciation for filmmakers, designers and art in general because it is something I consume often and influences such a large audience of people which is so crazy to me. Watching a show or movie makes me think about how someone simply sat down, created a piece of art and touched me through their work. 

2) How have you felt about the college application process? 

The college application process has me feeling incredibly overwhelmed. It’s hard to determine the “perfect” school for myself when I’m unsure of so much. The process is a lot more involved than I realized, and there needs to be much more thought and planning that goes into it if you’re really serious about going and want to be in a place you really love. Even after immense planning and thought, you could still not get in, or, in a possibly equally heartbreaking situation, you could get in but not be able to afford it. I’ve done all the work to apply to colleges and now it’s just time to wait, which makes me so anxious. I’m currently applying to scholarships since I didn’t truly realize how expensive college really is. In the end it’s whatever happens happens, I’ve worked hard in school, and applied myself. It’s in God’s hands now. 

3) How has BHBH helped you during your college application process? 

I’ve taken advantage of BHBH one-on-one advising sessions with Kemi to edit essays I’m working on. I’ve written more essays for the college application process (both for universities and scholarships) than I have for actual school work. I also went to the essay writing webinar which supplied me with tips on how to write my essays. Also, BHBH posts scholarship opportunities which made the search for ones I’d like to apply to easier, since it is just on my Instagram feed.

4) What’s your dream job?

I don’t really have a dream job, but my dream future is to do something that is meaningful to people besides myself, whether that means making policies or just being a resource for others. 

5) What/who inspires you the most?

This sounds so cheesy, but I really do mean it; Black people inspire me the most. Specifically, Black people who’ve had to endure such huge levels of hate, abuse, and violence. Racism is not gone, it is just different. I see the atrocities they’ve experienced and I’m not sure if I could have kept going. There are people who did not give up and who fought for equality, and I can’t imagine living through that. If they can wait for progress, so can I.

6) If you could do anything you wanted for one whole day, what would you do?

If I could do anything for a whole day it would be to hang out with my friends with endless activities or movies to do until we get tired. 

7) What’s your dream place to travel?

I have thought about that a lot, but I’m not sure. I genuinely want to travel all over this world. So, I’ll just give the first place of many; I want to go to California since it’s right here in the United States. Start at home then keep moving farther.

Damilola Olabanji , Warren Woods Tower High School

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